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The Java Investment Management corporate group was established to provide consulting services aimed at setting up and managing business, business relocation (changing the country of a business), and business optimization by taking into account the correct selection of the jurisdiction of the newly created or acquired companies, their form of activity, the country of origin of the beneficiary, and his or her capital. The approach to each case is strictly individual: the selection of services, as well as the methods and concept for providing these services, exclusively match the requirements and status of a given beneficiary or his or her enterprise alone. Attention is given to his or her citizenship, the history of origination of the primary capital, the beneficiary’s mentality and culture, his or her previous and current career, the form of business activity, and the ultimate purpose of his or her contact with Java Investment Management.

Based on the foregoing, an appropriate preexisting or future business concept is selected for everyone who seeks a consultation, which includes all types of optimization, options for managing this business, and the provision of information about investment opportunities, coupled with the possibility of arranging funding for planned projects.

It is worth noting that in the present complex geopolitical situation, Java Investment Management companies purposely selected jurisdictions such as Luxembourg, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), the USA, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Canada (Montreal), Romania, and Malaysia as their locations. You will be furnished with a full consultation concerning the intricacies and objectives of jurisdiction selection, the turnkey creation of a given business, its management and the rest of the cycle during in-person meeting. We emphasize the confidentiality of our services and their adherence to international compliancy requirements.

The transparency and legality of the origin of the beneficiary's capital is essential to our collaboration.

Our primary objective is to sustain and grow your capital in today’s very complex geopolitical situation when, most regrettably, the risk of losing the capital earned over the years can be trivially linked to country of origin or new trends in geopolitics. Our goal is to help you avoid these risks and to successfully perpetuate your business activities.

It should be mentioned that we are not solely limited to these services.

In cooperation with our partners in the field of fiduciary services and real estate companies, you will be offered a very wide range of related services, such as arranging to open personal and corporate bank accounts, assistance in obtaining work and permanent residence permits and subsequent citizenship, as well as assistance in acquiring, selling and leasing real estate, and a full range of relocation services.

We have investment proposals for acquiring a business with established profitability.

For several years now Java Investment Management has been assisting clients with their businesses around the world.

As an Investment Group with activities in most favourable jurisdictions around the world, Java Investment Management provides a full range of services from company incorporation to in-depth investment advisory services.

With this global presence and reach Java Investment Management has built up strong alliances with established firms worldwide who rely on us for first-class professional services.

Our portfolio of local and international clients provides us with thorough business intelligence regardless of the nature of business.

The team of qualified professionals at Java Investment Management works closely with clients to provide tailored and cost-efficient service.