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Java Investment Management Corporate Finance boutique provides a complete set of strategic solutions in all areas of corporate finance.

Java Investment Management Corporate Finance Division brings together the most suitable team for you, given the many years of broad investment expertise across different continents, the extensive network of corporate lawyers, specialist tax accountants and investment advisers.

Amongst the services that you may benefit from, you will find:

Mergers and Acquisitions

Java Investment Management can help you identify suitable merger and acquisition opportunities with a full analysis of potential synergies. Java Investment Management guides you through the whole M&A process from due diligence to completion, helping you correctly formulate the deal structure and, if necessary, advising you on the external sources of funding.

Divestment / Sale / Disposal

Java Investment Management will work closely with you to prepare your business for sale and present it to prospective buyers. Starting with initial instructions and guiding you to completion, Java Investment Management will negotiate on your behalf the best terms with a structure that would benefit all the parties.

Business Plans and Financial Projections

Java Investment Management can help you prepare a solid business plan and accurate financial projections to be used either to formulate your business strategy or attract potential investors.


Java Investment Management can provide you with a full valuation report using different techniques that can be used for share disposals, buy-backs, restructuring or tax planning.

Strategy Consulting

Java Investment Management considerable experience of working with companies in different sectors around the globe can help you to identify your critical needs, focus on the areas of your business that will increase profit and shareholder value or eventually help you turn your business around.