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Corporate and Fiduciary Services

Corporate Services

Java Investment Management provides a suite of packages designed to help entrepreneurs get their business started around the world.

Whether you are forming a company for your own use, of on behalf of clients, you can rely on our experience and reach to provide you with the highest quality of service. With satisfied customers on every populated continent, Java Investment Management is your trusted advisor with regard to setting up corporate entities worldwide, providing compliance services and providing insurance brokerage services. Contact us for more information on how our services can get your business off to a successful start.

Beyond just incorporation, you can order many services tailored to your business needs. From multi-state corporate filings to apostilled documents, corporate needs to virtual office services and mail forwarding, you can meet your startup and compliance needs quickly and easily.

Java Investment Management offers a comprehensive range of Corporate Services, including:

  • Formation of Companies and Partnerships
  • Provision of a local resident company secretary
  • Filing of Annual Returns
  • Establishment of Share Capital Structure
  • Transfer of Shares
  • Bank Account Openings for company and personal use
  • Nomination of Directors, Secretary and Managers
  • Provision of a Registered Office
  • Establishment to Articles of Incorporation
  • Arrangement of Shareholder Meetings

Fiduciary Services

Java Investment Management provides nominee director(s) and a company secretary on a yearly basis. Our fee schedule for fiduciary services changes in respect to different legislations. For more information about a particular legislation, please contact one of our local representatives.

Our nominee director service is used to ensure the highest degree of privacy and confidentiality. We provide our clients with a nominee director service in relation to both onshore and offshore registered companies. Under the law of some countries information on directors and/or shareholders must be registered in the public files of the Companies Registry. Therefore only by using nominee directors and/or shareholders can the client's anonymity and confidentiality be ensured. Appointed nominees are not actually entitled to manage the company and have no powers or responsibilities. We can provide the beneficial owner with a Power of Attorney empowering him to run the business, manage the company's activities, open and operate the company's bank accounts.