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Given the nature of Java Investment Management business, we deal with very complex processes whether it is on a micro or macro economic level. For these purposes Java Investment Management has built an extensive network of legal professionals around the globe.

In addition to this, Java Investment Management has in-house jurists and legal consultants involved mainly with internal processes. These professionals from Java Investment Management legal division work closely with their colleagues from finance and fiduciary divisions to provide a client with comprehensive in-house solutions from A to Z. Our legal consultants frequently act on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, domiciliations and restructurings.

Java Investment Management can also assist you in outsourcing your legal activities to focus on your primary line of business. With the continuing development of the regulatory environment, the role of our legal team is critical in identifying the various regulatory risks that our clients may face and providing protection against those risks.

Within many areas of its practice, Java Investment Management is often called on to advise on the form and provisions of the constitutive documents for incorporation companies around the world, draft and/or advise on shareholder agreements or prepare diligence on a potential target.