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Market Research

Java Investment Management also specializes in providing various types of sociological and market research. Our PR campaigns are usually targeted at specific consumer groups using particularly designed questionnaires and surveys.

Up to date Java Investment Management has performed a number of market researches in many different industries across the globe. Our clients include major market players in CIS, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and North America.

Our comprehensive market reports include the following:

  • Establishment of due diligence and feasibility studies in search of potential growth opportunities
  • Comparison of the local needs with what your company has to offer in order to define a strategic approach to the customer of the targeted territory
  • Legal advice in regards to establishment and expansion possibilities
  • Preparation of concrete and realistic business opportunities, providing recommendations to the management about commercial and economic appraisal of the market
  • Engagement of negotiations with local entities, search for partners and development opportunities
  • Establishment of periodical reports on market opportunities in the targeted territory, its business environment, governmental provisions and potential technical and commercial prospects